Your payment strategy should support your business goals

Your business is built on payments. Thus, it’s important that your payments strategy supports your business goals. Our model includes industry-tailored pricing for every business need.

Payment Gateway

Accelerate your business with the best payment gateway

With our experience and leading edge technology, explore the future of payments.

Fast and simply the best Payment Gateway in its most innovative and advanced form with powerful tools to complement your business needs.

Our feature-rich payment gateway offers a secure platform for accepting online payments. We connect your online business platform to the most popular networks, such as Visa, MasterCard, IMPS and more. Our platform is 100% built in-house, giving us – and you – an industry-leading degree of responsiveness and customizability. As we’re PCI DSS certified, our hosted payment gateway means that you don’t need PCI DSS certification yourself.

White Label solutions

Sifipay has developed an innovative and a complete white label capable payment management platform. It is entirely brand-able and technically resilient, making it suitable for companies of all sizes, from startups to multi-national corporations.

We try our level best, to deliver the merchant a user experience that is easy to use and secure to use in their everyday transaction needs. Take advantage of our unique white labeling services which are exclusively tailor-made for your business needs. If you wish to process payments branded with your own corporate identity, but don’t want the hassle of dealing with various payment processing entities, developing a network for hosting and managing those payments.

Enterprise gateway

Our one-stop payment solution provides you with access to a large network of leading acquirers and payment providers. It makes easy for you to implement them. We continue to update any changes with interface without the need for action for you, if something changes with one interface.

In specific, if you are an enterprise merchant dealing with several sub-brands and contracts, numerous PSPs, legacy payments inclusive of provider lock-ins and a variety of solutions and fees. Sifipay Enterprise Portal provides a rare opportunity to analyze, refine and extend your payment portfolio. Finally, compare conversion rates and payment systems and set up new routes easily. It would also make the payment experience as frictionless as possible for the end-customer and as effective as possible for you, making payment handling simpler for the retailer with our state-of-the-art technologies.

Payment Processing Solutions

Payment processing under Sifipay is made simpler with state-of-the-art solutions.

Financial Services

We are offering to our clients/businesses/merchants


Aadhaar Banking is a bank-led model that helps retailers to support their customers with banking operations such as account balance inquiry and cash withdrawal. Retail stores need to register as a Sifipay driven merchant, and only merchants will be able to offer these services. Retailers may also make money as a commission by providing cash withdrawal services. Customers can ride to any local grocery store and conduct banking transactions (cash withdrawal and check balance) using their fingerprint and Aadhaar number.


Consumers can use our online money transfer services at any time of the day. Transferring money to loved ones around the world is easy as consumers can visit Sifipay instead of going to banks and waiting in long lines. With Sifipay's domestic money transfer services in India, customers can easily transfer their money any time to any bank account. This facility is provided on holiday too using our domestic money transfer facilities.


There's no reason to stand in the long queue to make bill payments. Pay your bills and recharge your Mobile/DTH without any complications. Apart from these, clients can easily make bill payments for various other amenities, such as petrol, water, electricity, etc.

API/White Label Solutions

Give your nod to our simple collection of APIs/White Label Solutions for your company. You will set it up for your java, android, website, ios, mysql, wordpress, .net, and more. Our domestic money transfer services can provide you with clutter-free dashboards to see specifics of purchases, history of transactions, and to raise concerns. Also, help your clients with higher monthly allowances.

Exclusive Payment Solutions for NGOs

Integrating the payment gateway into the websites of NGOs is key to the recognition of trouble-free payments by the corresponding donors globally. With this in mind, SifiPay provides unique payment gateway solutions to more than 300 NGOs. We provide these NGOs with a payment gateway to allow donors via our comprehensive payment methods to provide their continuous support to the NGOs.

Multiple Payment Options

With a wide variety of affordable payment solutions and bank acquisition, we are happy to serve you always. All major payment banks, such as ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and all other major payment wallets etc. are part of our payment partners. In addition, contributors can continue their preference with over 100+ payment choices.

Assistance to International Donors

In addition, we extend our assistance, along with indian donors, to foreign donors to ensure a seamless and safe payment process. You can conveniently pay by using our payment platform solutions. Our payment gateways help you make transfers that are safe and seamless.

Customization of the product

The personalization of the product is a cake with our payment gateway. Merchants may change the topic according to their needs. We also deliver personalized check outs on the special payment gateway. You can also make the requisite improvements with great ease, as there are so many special products under our roof.

Seamless Transactions

With Sifipay integrated to a NGO portal, one can offer smooth payment experience to the ones donating in the NGO.

Payment Dashboard

NGOs get a thorough dashboard with 360° view having donation reports and the ability to manage their payment.

Legal Requirements

If you want to use Sifipay’s payment gateway service, your NGO must comply with all the laws, regulations and standards.